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If variety is the spice of life then Slaphappy is the new, spicy vibrator that will give you the sensations you've been looking for. Slip in a couple of AAA batteries, customize Slaphappy's angle, and enjoy yourself alone or with a partner, in virtual silence. Don't forget, the friskiest amongst us can also use Slaphappy as a spanking implement! ENJOY!

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Average Rating (7 users)
New to toys, this is one of my first. Packaging could be nicer, but it was as advertised.

By Pai

I got an early reviewer sample and the company asked me to leave my review here. I’ve reviewed about a hundred toys in my life, and I’d place this one in about the top 15%. It is as quiet as a vibrator can be, and I found that to be a big plus because nothing distracts me more than a loud buzzing sound when I’m trying to get off. I found I could bend it into a few shapes that worked both for internal and external stimulation, eliminating the need for several other of my toys. Spanking with it – it is short to spank with, but possible. I just wish it was more powerful – if you ever do make a more powerful version, I think you can crack the top 15% ranks with me as a reviewer.

By Christine

I must say this SHOULD be rechargeable, shame on you for making it not rechargeable. ALL of my LELO vibrators are rechargeable and it is so much more convenient to not search around for batteries when I want to use it. It’s true that my LELOS cost about 2-3 times more but still… I think rechargeable is a REQUIREMENT these days! Other than that, I found it simple to use, and the bendable feature does distinguish it from all other vibrators I have seen so… 5 stars it is.

By Jasmine

I’m not a fan of inserting vibrators, but I gave this a try because it is flat. Good choice!

By Grace

Does what it is supposed to do, but could be better.

By Brian

Indiegogo backer here, bought this for my girlfriend. Positive points are that it bends and it allowed me to use it during sex in a way that other vibrators can’t be used. It was also quiet. On the negative side, my girlfriend said she wished it was stronger.

By Alex

I was an Indiegogo backer on this, and I’m really happy with my purchase. I rarely leave reviews but I wanted to help support you guys on this. This is not going to change my life, but it is a welcome addition to the collection of fun stuff in my bedside drawer.

By Maetel