ID Glide Lube 8.5oz

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ID Glide A Great Value This is our largest size of lubricant and also our best value. For just a few dollars more than our small 2.2 oz bottle, the 8.5 oz. bottle will last you for months with regular use. We love this formula because a little lube goes a long way. If you feel this lube drying up - simply add a little bit of water and it almost magically re-activates - lasting for another 5-10 minutes. At under $15 for such a large bottle - its bound to be one of your favorite lubes, too.
Super Safe, Too! ID Glide lubes are manufactured in a medically clean facility by a well respected pharmaceutical company - so safety with this lube is NOT an issue. Also, since its water-based, it works perfectly with all of your toys, no matter what material they are made from. Silicone, TPR, rubber, cyberskin, plastic are all super safe in combination with this lube. Also, it is guaranteed to never stain your sheets, clothes, floor, walls, or well... wherever else lube ends up when you do what you do with it. Enjoy!


ID Glide Lube 8.5oz

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Great value. Lasts a long time and won't ruin your toys. This size is enough for a few months for a normal user. Frequent masturbators go for the 1 gallon jug LOL.

By Lubeman

ID Glide has always been my lube of choice. Lube is lube - no reason to pay an arm and a leg for it and ID Glide stands behind their product.

By John N.